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The Department of Social Welfare underwent a major reorganization reform on September 11th, 2007. It comprises the following-eight divisions, one center and five offices:

1. Division of Civic Organization: Provides consulting services for social organizations, commercial and industrial groups, co-ops, community development associations and social welfare-oriented foundations

2. Division of Social Assistance: Oversees the issuance of living assistance to the underprivileged, medical subsidies, emergency rescue, disaster rescue, social insurance subsidies, workfare, public housing management and residential counseling services

3. Division of Welfare Serving the Disabled: Works to protect the interests and provide social services for the disabled, as well as supervises and provides counseling for organizations in charge of serving the disabled

4. Division of Welfare Services for Senior Citizens: Ensures and protects the rights and interests of the elderly, provides welfare services for senior citizens and supervision/counseling for organizations in charge of such services

5. Division of Welfare Services for Women and Child Care Centers: Protects the interests and rights of women, provides welfare services for women, advocates gender equality, and supervises and provides counseling for organizations in charge of such services; it also manages childcare affairs and offers supervision/counseling for organizations providing such services

6. Division of Welfare Services for Children and Youth: Oversees the protection of youth/children rights and interests, welfare services and supervision/counseling for organizations providing such services

7. Division of General Planning: In charge of planning, integration, and the research and development of social welfare policies, systems and administrative programs; it also provides management for social welfare foundations

8. Division of Social Work: Provides frontline services regarding social work, counseling and shelter services for the homeless, professional development in areas related to social work, social workers management and volunteer services

9. Senior Citizens Home: Offers nursing services for the elderly, as well as recreational services, healthcare advice and professional care services for senior citizens

10. Administrative Services: Oversees general affairs, procurement, accounting, property management, paperwork management, archiving, and affairs beyond the administrative jurisdictions of other offices

11. Information Systems Office: Handles IT planning, as well as the design, maintenance and management of social affairs

12. Accounting Office: Oversees fiscal year budget planning, as well as accounting and statistics affairs in accordance with related regulations

13. Personnel Office: Manages personnel management affairs

14. Government Ethics Office: Handles ethics and moral affairs in accordance with related regulations

Other facilities established by the DOSW include: the Taipei City Yangming Home for the Disabled, the Taipei City Haoran Senior Citizens Home, the Taipei City Center for the Prevention of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, and public children’s day care centers

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