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Visits to Haoran

Q1. What are the rules for visiting Haoran Senior Citizens Home?
1. Applicants must be legally registered social welfare organizations, public and private groups and schools whose affairs and services are related to those conducted in Haoran.
2. When applying, please attach an event proposal or papers necessary for the visit, along with an application form.
3. During visit, visitors shall not unilaterally alter the purpose of the visit specified in the proposal.
4. During visit, visitors will be responsible for repairing or providing compensations for any damages on public properties or facilities.
5. Visitors should always follow the instructions of the guide. Do not walk around the premises at will to disturb the peace and quiet among the residents.
Q2. How does one file an application if one wishes to visit Haoran?
A. Please file the application one month before the estimated visit date. You can come by Haoran in person to file an application, mail in the application or file the application on line. Haoran will notify the applicant of the result in 6 days after reviewing the application and papers.