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Department of Social Welfare


2017 Happy Mothers’ Day Mommy Relax: Ke Wen-Ze, Taipei City’s Mayor talk with the bloggerg Showon

To celebrate Mother's Day 2017, the “Mother's Day Opening Event GO!” was held by Department of Social Welfare of Taipei city Government on May 14 at Taipei City New Immigrant Women and Family Service Center, with the theme “Relax, Mommy: All Family Up! We invited Ko Wen-je, the Mayor of Taipei City, the commissioner, department of social Welfare Hsu, Li-Min and blogger “Showon” to join us. Showon shared some tips of doing housework with her husband. Relaxed tone of Show on talked about her husband “Engineer” in a relaxed and funny way.
Since we had such a rare opportunity to meet with our male guest, Hsu, Li-Min, we asked him what kind of housework he usually does. He laughed and answered “throwing garbage!" The rarest and most interesting thing is that the Mayor of Taipei City, Ko Wen-je and other guests made "Vietnamese Spring Rolls" together to reward mothers who participated the event. When the Mayor was going to make the last spring roll, he found that there was too much filling left so that he could not wrap it. He then gripped another wrapper to wrap it; all the guests were amused with laughter.
In addition, the organizer arranged three kinds of activities, “Folding clothes Smartly”, “Parent-child Making Cleanser DIY”, and “I am a Cooking King”, to let all the guests experience how to finish housework in a smart way. Many children finished them successfully, and they exchange free vouchers for the relaxing area. (vouchers for massage, nail cosmetology, trimming eyebrows, and pictures taking services), which reward their mothers.
The organizer hope that the event could promote a concept, which mothers relax and encourage people to get together celebrating Mothers’ Day. The event ended in a lively and relaxed atmosphere, reflecting the meaning of the housework sharing and gender equality.
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The hostess and “Blogger Showon” talk about the coordination of housework in families, and Show on was sharing her experiences with guests.