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Major Events 2014

11  Taipei City Neihu Parent-Child Center & Infant Day-Care Center, the twelfth privately-managed public facility of its kind, officially opened. Shih Chien University was commissioned by Taipei City Government for the management of the center, which admitted 45 infants under the age of 2, achieving the city's goal of “one infant day-care center per community”.
07  Taipei City Government established Office for Gender Equality to plan the implementation of the city's gender equality policies, and to continue the operation of Taipei Association for the Promotion of Women's Rights, becoming the first municipal government in Taiwan to establish such agency.
30  Taipei City Xinyi Parent-Child Center, the twelfth public facility managed by private organization, officially opened. Child Welfare League Foundation was commissioned by Department of Social Welfare of Taipei City Government for the operation, achieving Taipei's “one parent-child center per district” goal.
12  Taipei City Fire Department awarded First Prize in Division A by the Executive Yuan in 2014 Disaster Prevention and Response Performance Evaluation. Daan District Day Care Center for the Elderly commissioned by Department of Social Welfare ofTaipei City Government officially opened.