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"Hello! Parent-Child Pavilion" event was launched on November 12 with great joy

The 2023 daycare promotion event used the "Hello! Parent-Child Pavilion" as its main theme. Through the simple greeting of "Hello," everyone can become friends, regardless of people's nationalities or cultural backgrounds, highlight the "inclusivity" spirit of Taipei City's Hello! Parent-Child Pavilion. This year, for the first time, a Parent-Child Pavilion photography open call was held; subsequently, the "Hello! Parent-Child Pavilion" photography exhibition was held at the main hall on the first floor of Taipei City Hall. The exhibition showcased the vivid and real interactions between parents and children at the Parent-Child Pavilion, allowing more people to see the most beautiful scenes of the pavilion. A total of 564 works were collected for this photography event, and the total number of votes reached 169,233.

Hello! Parent-Child Pavilion event was launched on November 12 with great joy