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Professional Social Work and Protection Services

1. To ensure personal safety and personal development of city residents.
2. To assist city residents in the acquisition of care and services.
3. To promote public-minded volunteerism.
4. To protect basic rights of the disadvantaged.
A. Prevention of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault
Taipei City Center for the Prevention of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault was established in 1999 to help children, youth, women, elders, disabled persons, adult suffering from any types of violation/indiginity, and victims of sexual assault. Services included are a 24-hour hotline, emergency rescue, crisis intervention, assistance with medical examination of injuries, emergency placement care, referrals to medical treatment, psychotherapy and counseling services.
B. Protective Services and Family Crisis Intervention
Social Workers at every Social Welfare Service Center provide protective services, crisis intervention, coordination of social welfare resources, information access and referrals to the low-income, families in crisis, abused or neglected children, youths, elders, people with disability, and disadvantaged women for them to get back on track.
C. Placement and Counseling for the Homeless
Homeless shelters and halfway houses were established to service the homeless, emergency room patients with no identification, plus poor or disabled persons with no place to call home. Services provided are protection, daily care, family reconstruction, occupational assistance rehabilitation, medical care and referrals to permanent placement homes. Social Workers also reach out to people living on the street and help them as needed.
D. Family Visits to Evaluate Custody Decisions
According to Article 1055 and 1055-1 of the Civil Law, couples, while going through a divorce, should be evaluated for the custody arrangement of their young children. Social Workers will conduct family visits to assist the court in conducting such an investigation to ensure the child or children are properly placed.
E. Administration Related to Certified Social Workers
DOSW is in charge of the following tasks related to Certified Social Workers (CSWs):
1) Registration and licensure for CSWs.
2) Monitoring of CSW employment changes.
3) CSW office registrations, license renewals, monitoring their practices and regulation enforcement.
F. Promotion of Volunteerism
In order to promote volunteerism and invite private forces to join the advancement of building a robust social welfare programs, DOSW has formed a systematic protocol for all affiliate units to abide by in their recruitment, training, certification, evaluation and award of volunteers. DOSW also implements the volunteer recruitment and service system introduced by the Ministry of Health and Welfare and has actively organized voluntary resources in both public and private sectors to forward further development of volunteerism.