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Division of Welfare Services for Women and Child Care Centers

1. The establishment of a women's welfare service network capable of offering comprehensive and approachable welfare support.
2. Safeguarding women's interests and the provision of various supportive services to disadvantaged women.
3.The promotion of gender equality, propagandizing the notion of gender equality among Taipei citizens
4. Provide all children with equal opportunities for schooling development.
5. Develop community-based childcare networks to provide quality care and a stimulating environment to build their intellectual, social, emotional and relational adaptabilities.
A. Various support measures for families in special circumstances
DOSW works in accordance with the “Family Assistance in Special Circumstances Act” and “Taipei City Regulations Governing the Protection of Women's Rights” to provide emergency life subsidies and allowances for raising children to women in special circumstances.
B. Women's Welfare Services
Welfare services, activities and initiatives for women are being promoted, including the implementation of Women and Children's Day, Mother's Day and other welfare programs. Subsidies are also affected to subsidize private organizations in holding a variety of women-specific projects.
C. Women's Welfare Organizations
1) 11 Women's Welfare Service Centers are installed to provide individual case management, counseling, psychological consultation, group consultation, community services, women's welfare counseling and legal counseling services for women whose household registries are listed in Taipei, and for women who live in Taipei City.
2) 2 shelters are established to provide placement services for women – and their children - who suffer from domestic violence.
D. Single-parent Welfare Services
1) The City's 12 social welfare centers, 10 women's service centers and 1 private organization are closely knitted to form a single-parent service network, providing single-parent families robust and approachable social work support.
2) The establishment of the single-parent apartments that can accommodate the lodging of single-parent families
3) The installation of subsidy programs to incorporate private resources in providing support services to single parents.
E. Support Services for New Immigrants
The establishment of new immigrants families support service centers and service bases will be in place; subsidy programs will be set up to subsidize outreach visits, group consultations, and adaptation seminars held by private groups.
F. Welfare Services for Other Underprivileged Women
Services will be targeted at women from aborigines’ families, pregnant women who are unwed, and women suffering from extramarital affairs.
G. Other women’s services
Professional trainings are administered to specialists in gender and women's work in order to strengthen their professional know-how and sensitivity about gender-specific issues; a women's rights promotion commission is installed to advance various tasks in securing women's rights.
H. Childcare Assistance
DOSW provides childcare assistances to children in registered nurseries or preschools who are for low-income families, foster care families, placement agencies, or crisis families. The maximum monthly subsidy is NT$8,000 for each child under 6, NT$4,500 for the 6-8 years old, and NT$3,500 for the 9-12 years old.
I. Childcare Allowance
DOSW provides childcare allowance to needy families with children under 6 to subsidize their child-rearing expenses. To qualify for that, the family must be registered in Taipei City for at least a year with an income of lower than 80% of the average consumer expenses, and has savings under NT$150,000 and real estate values below NT$6,500,000 . Monthly child allowance is NT$2,500 for each child under 6 years of age.
J. Public Childcare Services
DOSW has 1 public preschool with nurseries for 1-2 years old babies and toddlers . Children from disadvantaged families are accepted as first priority.
K. Family Day Care Workers Services
DOSW sponsors family day care worker training programs to provide qualified manpower as part of a community-based service network. DOSW also provides referral services at Childcare Resource Center of Taipei to match the demand and supply of family day care services in the network.
L. Childcare Agency Evaluation
Every year DOSW evaluates certain childcare agencies on teaching activities, hygiene and health care, and administration management. Agencies with excellent performance ratings are commended publicly; those with poor performance are required to make improvements and undergo follow-up supervisions. Results of the evaluation are publicized as referral reference to ensure the quality.