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Taipei City Haoran Senior Citizens Home

1. Daily living assistance: this includes the provision of food, laundry, residential placement and transportation for senior citizens.

(1) Food: Senior residents organize a committee to oversee board arrangements. The menus are revised according to the needs of the residents. Soft, digestable food services are available. Banquet meetings and additional dishes are hosted during holidays. A self-service kitchen is also available, allowing residents to cook on their own.

(2) Laundry: Dirty laundries and bedspreads are collected, dried, folded by designated cleaners, and are returned to the bedrooms of the residents after cleaning. Apparel allowances are distributed monthly.

(3) Room: The Home provides suites for residents. Two residents are assigned to one suite. The suites are fully equipped, well-lit and well-ventilated.

(4) Transportation: The Home provides two official service vehicles and two medium-sized buses for citizens. “EasyCards for Honoring the Elderly” are regularly renewed.

2. Welfare Services

(1) Diverse communication forums for residents:

1. “The Warm Homestead Monthly Meeting” is held monthly, where lifestyle wellness seminars for residents are hosted.

2. “A Date with the Superintendent” is hosted monthly, allowing residents to exchange opinions on their life in Haoran.

3. “Making New Friends” get-togethers with residents in different districts and daily lifestyle workouts are organized regularly to encourage bonding among residents.

4. An opinion collection box and oral advice checklists are installed to ensure an open communication channel.

(2) A Variety of Cultural and Leisure Activities

1. Birthday parties are held monthly. Residents born in the month enjoy a warm get-together to celebrate their birthdays.

2. Resident outings, get-together soirees on traditional holidays, and honoring the elderly activities are organized annually.

3. Haoran Continual Education Seminars are organized to enrich the life of residents in Haoran, and support their social participation while promoting the spirit of “Live and Learn” among senior citizens.

(3) Spiritual Life Enrichment

1. Facilities for religious activities are set up, including a hall for Buddha worships, a Christian chapel of prayer, and a Catholic place of worship, offering residents a variety of choices. Religious activities, such as Buddhist sutra chants and gospel services are held from time to time to enrich residents’ spiritual life.

2. Dharma Drum Mountain Social Welfare and Charity Foundation visits Haoran twice a month to conduct Buddhist sutra chants.

3. True Jesus Church and the Taipei Home of Christ organize weekly outreach activities for residents; Christian residents are invited to participate in hymn singing and sermons.

3. Healthcare and Medical Services

(1) Outpatient Services – the Taipei City Hospital Yangming Branch supports medical and healthcare services in Haoran. Outpatient services, including family medicine, the dental department, the ophthalmology department, the physical therapy department, the medical department, and the psychosomatic clinic are setup at the Home.

(2) Healthcare services – blood pressure measurement, blood sugar level monitoring and healthcare consultation are in place for residents in Haoran.

(3) Health education – Haoran organizes a variety of healthcare seminars and physicals regularly.

(4) Accompaniment services – Staff at Haoran and ambulance are available to escort residents to seek medical treatment and pick up prescription drugs.

(5) The Care Medical Service Shuttle Bus: Two designated buses shuttle back and forth between Haoran and the Taipei City Hospital Yangming Branch to accommodate residents to seek medical attention.

(6) Physical Therapy Services – Physical therapy rooms are set up to accommodate residents’ needs for rehabilitative exercises. Professional physical therapists are staffed in Haoran to provide consultation and exercise instructions.

(7) Medication Services – Professional pharmacists are staffed to provide medical counseling and services. Haoran also supports professional medical resources and their visit to the Home and provide medication consultation assistance.

(8) Disease Control – Haoran registers residents at the Home for annual physicals, while keeping track of – or reintroducing them – to other medical institutions for medical treatment.

(9) Emergency Rescue – Haoran provides accidents and acute diseases treatment and first-aid care on ambulance.

4. Residential Nursing Services:

86 long-term nursing care beds are set up in Haoran. Nursing caretakers and certified nurses are assigned to special patients with chronic diseases, and those unable to care for themselves.

5. Residential Autonomy Participation

(1) “Residents Self-Government Commission” is set up to encourage senior citizens in Haoran to participate in various activities and affairs at the Home.

(2) Editors Commission is established to compile Haoran Quarterlies. The Commission also promotes residential participation mechanism through lifestyle wellness seminars and “Making New Friends” get-togethers.

6. Volunteering

(1) Senior citizens in Haoran enthusiastic about public welfare causes are mobilized for the establishment of “the Evergreen Honorary Service Corps” (consisting of a charity haircut team and librarian team) and Outreach Service Corps to assist Haoran in promoting various programs.

(2) Haoran combines resources from schools, religious groups and welfare organizations to provide residents with emotional outreach care, religious services, activity planning, medical treatment assistance, medical consultation, and walk escort accompaniment. Reading accompaniment is also available for residents at the home.