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What should I do if I see homeless persons in my neighborhood?

Report to the police, so that they can check on the homeless person’s identity, as stipulated in the Taipei Homeless Counseling Measures.
1. If there should be any life-threatening or near life-threatening circumstances or any self-inflicting or harmful behavior, please call 119 so they can get immediate medical attention.
2. If there should be any begging behaviors, please report to the local police station for handling in accordance with the Social Order Maintenance Act.
3. Should the homeless person cause any mess to the environment, report to the Sanitation Team of the Department of Environmental Protection for clean-up in accordance with the Waste Disposal Act.
4. Should the informer request housing for the homeless, we must explain that there are no laws or regulations at present to provide housing by force, as the willingness of the homeless must be respected. Report the homeless person’s situation to the institution where he/she is found (e.g. school or library), and seek assistance from district social welfare service centers as needed. If the homeless person is staying in a public area, report the case to the district welfare service centers for assessment and visit.