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Policy Objectives

A. Safety:

To ensure the city residents' basic economic security; to protect them from fear and want; to guard their personal safety; to prevent abuse, abandonment, neglect, violence, and deprivation

B. Justice:

To safeguard the lives and personal betterment of the disadvantaged; to assure the fair allocation of social resources; to bridge the gap between the rich and poor; to promote social justice

C. Dignity:

To protect residents' social rights; to remove any service access obstacles; to provide client-centered services; to respect residents' self determination; to dissolve segregation and discrimination

D. Mutual Help:

To encourage mutual help and cooperation, to facilitate supportive services to all families, to build hospitable and supportive communities

E. Development:

To establish a synergetic and dynamic society, to enhance residents' sound development and adaptability, to create an environment that is good for the well-being of individuals, families, and the communities