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Service Principles

A. Humanity:
To respect, empathize with, and accept the residents in need, assisting them in making ends meet, while strengthening their self- esteem and achieving self-realization.
B. Priority of the Disadvantaged:
To prioritize social services in favor of the most disadvantaged
C. Family Orientation:
To focus on the family as the core of all welfare issues, and to promote "healthy families" as the best solution to social concerns
D. Service Integration:
To upgrade the quantity and quality of social service provision by coordinating resources from the industrial sector, academia, government, public and private service agencies and corporations to provide a well-rounded, continuous, efficient and multi-disciplinary service network
E. Citizen Participation:
To pool ideas from all sides, to improve communications between government and the people, and to install a grass-root participation mechanism in the policymaking process.