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NO.TitlePublish Date
1The“Age of Children’s Safety, Everyone’s Duty: 2021 Taipei City Children’s Safety Day”Campaign2022-03-21
2The“Cultivate with Love; Child Protection to Keep Them Carefree”Community Campaign for Children and Youth Protection2022-03-21
3Stay with 24(US): Helping others with Professionalism; Support Social Workers The Department of Social Welfare launched a series of activities to respond to Social Worker Day2022-03-21
4Taipei E-happiness, Easy Read Taipei—the Department of Social Welfare communicates with private groups and citizens in the 2021 Important Project Briefing2022-03-21
5International Women’s Day series activities in Taipei –Women’s power is shining in daily life. Deputy Mayor Huang Shanshan: To Those Women in My Life2022-03-21
6Easy Read Information on COVID-19 Vaccination provides quick introduction to matters to note on taking vax shots2022-03-16
7Grateful for Your Charity: Donation at a total of NT$0.4 billion dollars and a variety of goods were received for the purpose of COVID-19 Prevention by the Taipei City Government2022-03-16
8The Department of Social Welfare and Taipei Advanced Center for Aging and Health published a home workout Video for the senior citizens, in which Muscle Mom shows how to work out to boost immunity against COVID-192022-03-16
9Despite severity of the COVID-19, your support is needed. The Taipei City government launched the online disaster donation platform to call for support from all sectors in our society2022-03-16
10With the rainbow flag being raised, the Taipei City Government calls for Boston and other 9 foreign institutes in Taiwan to respond to International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia2022-03-16
11A different view on mother -100% of Mom’s Love from Dramas—Mayor Ko: Join me to binge watching drama on Mother’s Day2022-03-16
12Great fun for children and the elderly during the Children’s Day 4-day vacation with free Taipei Metro rides for children and free entrance to the Taipei Children's Amusement Park for the elderly using the Senior EasyCard2022-03-16
13Created as an international intelligent long-term care center as a new model for slow aging, Beitou Qiyan Elderly Service Center is officially open as a new social welfare landmark in Beitou District2022-03-16
14To welcome the Year of Ox, the Taipei City Government delivered ceaselessly meals of love to the needed2021-09-11
15Confirmation of their own value to reverse their future with edge: Achievement Presentation for the Reverse Future 2.0 Project by the Department of Social Welfare2021-09-11
16International Volunteer Day Celebration: Taipei City Government organized “Welcome 2021: Volunteer Carnival” in which silver-haired volunteers from 12 administrative districts joined to advocate for volunteerism2021-09-11
172020 International Day of Persons with Disabilities: Easy Read Achievement Exhibition by the Taipei City Government for a Better Policy and Friendlier Information2021-09-11
18Anniversary of NPO HUB TAIPEI: Gathering the Momentum of Non-profit Groups to Lead the Nation2021-09-11
19LOHAS Trips for the Silver-haired in Taipei: Barrier-free fun trips Customized for the Elderly with Mental and Physical Disabilities2021-09-11
20Taipei Slow Fashion: Tell Your Own Story—a solicitation for story submission to launch a trend in Taipei2021-09-11