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NO.TitlePublish Date
1No-Barrier: A dialogue between entertainment industry, government agencies and private sectors2020-05-07
2Yang-Ming dream painters flying over the obstacles2020-05-07
3Department of Social welfare of Taipei City Government held a workshop on “Social Work Practice with LGBT Clients”2020-05-07
4Elderly LOHAS, accessible travel schedule for disabled and demented elders of Taipei City2020-05-07
5National Denim Day, which toke April 24, 2019,people wear denim to raise awareness of sexual assault.Taipei City Government and Taipei City Council "Support instead of criticism"2020-05-07
6”Innovate social welfare through Technology’’2019 conference held by Department of Social Welfare, Taipei City Government2020-05-07
72018 Award Ceremony of “Our Communities” in Taipei City2020-05-07
8Low-income housing Redevelopment: providing quality and affordable housing2020-05-05
9Department of Social Welfare, Taipei City Government established the first independent housing in Taiwan. To show their appreciation, independent youths pack rice dumplings for the social workers on the Dragon Boat Festival2020-05-05
10Mother's love is borderless, every mother loves children very much2020-05-05
11Children who hold Digital Student ID Card take the MRT for free from 4/4 to 4/72020-05-05
12Public-private partnership use big data to help poverty alleviation2020-05-05
13From March 1, people with Senior Citizen easy card or Charity easy card in Taipei City take taxis, Taipei sightseeing buses, would receive extra 50 points per trip2020-05-05
14Department of Social Welfare of Taipei City Government launched Bravo! Bear Health Exercise Creative Competition and Elderly Activity Centers Exhibition at Taipei EXPO Park on September 18 , 20182019-08-02
15“Being Lodged” Premiered—a touching documentary film that features six families living in a Low-Income Housing2019-08-02
16Taipei city Nangang Xinyi youth welfare center 7th anniversary!2019-08-02
17Combat Domestic Violence using Big Data Analytics2019-08-02
18President's Cup Social Innovation Hackathon,20182019-08-02
192018 Happy Mothers’ Day: Ke Wen-Ze, Taipei City’s Mayor talk with the bloggerg Showon2019-08-02
20The joint opening ceremony for Da’an Senior Service & Day care center and De'an Village's Community Center was held on October 11th by Department of Social Welfare, Taipei City Government2019-08-02