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NO.TitlePublish Date
1A peaceful summer vacation: Three tips to keep parents calm and children happy2021-04-19
2“Well Deserved, Social Workers”: Award Ceremony for Excellent Social Workers by the Department of Social Welfare2021-04-19
3Happy Mother’s Day—Thank you for always being there with love and care: Mayor Ko’s Appreciation for mothers and COVID-19 Prevention Workers, who safeguard the City with love2021-04-19
4Replacing “being forgotten” with “being missed”: A premiere of My Golden Age, a documentary by the Department of Social Welfare2021-04-19
5Age of Colorfulness and Life of Magnificence—Chang Hsiu-Ching invites women to live a life of their own on Women’s Day2021-04-19
6In response to the global outbreak of COVID-19, the Taipei City Government put together private resources and donates 100 thousand masks to sister cities2021-04-19
7Becoming backbones for disabled elders: the opening of first officially owned and privately managed long-term care institution in Nankang district2021-04-19
8Slowing down of the pandemic: gradual re-opening of the social welfare centers in Taipei City under the theme of Post COVID-19 New Lifestyle & Resumption of Community Activities2021-04-19
9Reader-friendly COVID-19 prevention information: The Taipei City publishes Easy Read information to help people with intellectual disability know more about COVID-192021-04-19
10Taipei City takes the lead to get 10 awards on nation’s social welfare performance appraisal in 20192021-04-19
11Enhanced COVID-19 prevention measures: closures of elderly activity centers and parent-child centers till end of June while elderly meal delivery service to continue2021-04-19
12Protect yourself and then others—pandemic prevention training for social workers by the Department of Social Welfare2021-04-19
13Great People Great Community: empowering our awesome communities!2020-09-16
14Ankang Redevelopment & Peace All Year Round Gala by the Development of Social Welfare: the Deputy Mayor Tsai joined to celebrate the successful relocation to the Interim Housing2020-09-16
15The 23rd Taipei City Outstanding Volunteer Award – Stories of Warmth by Volunteers sends love and passion throughout the City2020-09-16
16A fashion to Grow Old Gracefully with Taipei: Fun Table Games and Karaoke for the elderly on Double Ninth Festival (or Chong Yang Festival)2020-09-16
17The Achievement Exhibition by the Taipei City Elderly Activity Centers—a colorful life for the elderly by having meals together and learning from each other in a shared space2020-09-16
18Winner of Lottery in GIVE543 gets Flower in Bloom, a work by Yangming dream painters2020-09-16
19Tata Cup Parent-Child Center Sports Meet: Mayor Ko joins to cheer baby athletes and promotes the concept of Professional Choice – Childcare with Peace of Mind2020-09-16
20The beauty of volunteerism—under the Mask-rationing Plan, the Department of Social Welfare mobilizes 160 volunteers to facilitate face mask sales in pharmacies in Taipei2020-09-16