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Department of Social Welfare

Photo Gallery

NO.TitlePublish Date
21Taipei City Government Lunched the Nation’s first “Integrated Care Services Project2017-04-06
22Oral care needs early cure2017-04-06
23Inclusive Playground2017-04-06
24Use Taipei Card for the elderly and disabled people is more convenient2017-04-06
25On December 10 and 11,the "Light tour of the worth aging communitines" invited the travel writer Mr. Liu Kexiang, citizen journalists, social enterprises and young students to experience the achievement on service redesign in Taipei - the old community with warmth.2017-04-06
26Taipei City Autonomous Act on Workfare Programs is on the way2017-01-26
27Taipei City West Dist. Assistive Technology Centre, the first-ever exhibition space for home scene assistive technology devices in Taipei, unveiled on Nov 22nd, 2016.2017-01-26
28Exhibition of Art Open the New Horizons. Hermes Continued to Help the Dream Come True.2017-01-26
29The 20th Taipei City Outstanding Volunteer Award” - Grand Celebration For Excellent Volunteer Praise Ceremony2017-01-26
30Eden clubhouse and Eden Social Welfare Foundation hold the joint exhibition “Please Listen to Our Common Statement of Madness” from November 11th to 13th, 2016.2017-01-26
31A series of activities held in Low-income Housing community:Nov. 5, Fuming Low-income2017-01-26
32Reverse mortgages seminar on November 4.2017-01-26
33The Press Conference for the Renovation Project of Living Environment, a Celebration Event to Unveil 2016 International Day of Persons with Disabilities2016-11-25
34Stone Soup Project (Integrated Care Services Project):Deliver cross-profession care services to disabled elderly at home2016-11-25
35Experience Sharing Event for The Double Hands Program2016-11-25
362016 TATA Cup was held by Taipei Parent-Child Center and Taipei City Parenting Resource Center2016-11-25
372016 Silver-Haired senior services Annual presentation2016-11-25
38Taipei City Yang-Ming Home for the disabled 34th anniversary2016-11-25
39Active Elderly and Promoted Services2016-11-25
40Taipei City Government is Actively Executing Public Housing Policy2016-10-25