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Department of Social Welfare

Photo Gallery

NO.TitlePublish Date
41To build disaster emergency logistics management system, Department of Social Welfare, Taipei City Government and HCT Logistics signed cooperation agreements2016-10-25
42To jointly create a blueprint of poverty alleviation, Taipei city and New Taipei City exchange the experience of poverty reduction2016-10-25
43Yang-Ming Express Love For Celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival Activitives2016-10-25
44“Elderly LOHAS Tour” Promote family memories2016-10-25
45Da-An Workshop Opening Ceremony, A place for people with disabilities to promote their living and social participation and to make the dreams come true2016-09-30
46Opening Zhongzheng District small-size multi-function services2016-09-30
47The taste of happiness for families2016-09-30
48Song-shan Social welfare and elderly services center and Taipei Eastern Youth Service Center to hold the intergenerational tabletop games2016-09-30
49For Elder's gifts:2016-09-30
50Taipei City Yang-Ming Home for the Disabled obtain Sports2016-08-24
51Taipei City Parent-Child Center initiated inclusive service for children and parents with disabilities2016-08-23
52Shi-Dong Market "surplus food platform" on July 2 officially started2016-08-23
53"Elderly LOHAS Tour” press conference2016-07-26
54Active advocacy "Friendly Childcare Subsidy" press conference2016-07-26
55Reverse mortgages experience sharing and future aspirations seminars2016-06-30
56"Love Code Pass” press conference2016-06-30
57Taipei City Government Invites the Citizens to Discuss Mechanism to Share out the Units of Public Housing Between the Minority Groups.2016-06-30
58Department of Social Welfare, Taipei City Government convened the news conference about campaign started running and civil Enterprise donation ceremony called " Dream come true can not be missing computer " on May 31 in 2016.2016-06-30
59Taipei City integration of Community Resources to upgrade elderly activity centers 5.02016-06-30
60~I SEE YOU、YOU HEAR ME~The press conference of Taipei communication services for hearing impairment or speech difficulties:Sign Language Services and Instant typist2016-06-30