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NO.TitlePublish Date
41Great People Great Community: empowering our awesome communities!2020-09-16
42Ankang Redevelopment & Peace All Year Round Gala by the Development of Social Welfare: the Deputy Mayor Tsai joined to celebrate the successful relocation to the Interim Housing2020-09-16
43The 23rd Taipei City Outstanding Volunteer Award – Stories of Warmth by Volunteers sends love and passion throughout the City2020-09-16
44A fashion to Grow Old Gracefully with Taipei: Fun Table Games and Karaoke for the elderly on Double Ninth Festival (or Chong Yang Festival)2020-09-16
45The Achievement Exhibition by the Taipei City Elderly Activity Centers—a colorful life for the elderly by having meals together and learning from each other in a shared space2020-09-16
46Winner of Lottery in GIVE543 gets Flower in Bloom, a work by Yangming dream painters2020-09-16
47Tata Cup Parent-Child Center Sports Meet: Mayor Ko joins to cheer baby athletes and promotes the concept of Professional Choice – Childcare with Peace of Mind2020-09-16
48The beauty of volunteerism—under the Mask-rationing Plan, the Department of Social Welfare mobilizes 160 volunteers to facilitate face mask sales in pharmacies in Taipei2020-09-16
492019 Assistive Technology Assessment breaks out your imagination of assistive devices. Mayor Ko transforms himself into Iron Man: people-oriented assistive devices empower life2020-09-16
50The Taipei City Government enforces the latest social worker pay rise policy set out by the central government to protect rights and benefits of frontline social workers2020-09-16
51“Grow Old Gracefully with Taipei” program to create a happy life for the elderly at their own pace2020-09-16
52The Department of Social Welfare: Public recognition and support is expected for their determination to introduce welfare service for the disabled to the local communities2020-09-16
53A service center opens to empower the disadvantaged with a space of dignity. You’re invited to drop by to enjoy gourmets while listening to life stories of the underprivileged2020-09-16
54NPO Hub Taipei opens for use—a center designated as experimental space for NPOs to collaborate resources and augment influence2020-09-16
55No-Barrier: A dialogue between entertainment industry, government agencies and private sectors2020-05-07
56Yang-Ming dream painters flying over the obstacles2020-05-07
57Department of Social welfare of Taipei City Government held a workshop on “Social Work Practice with LGBT Clients”2020-05-07
58Elderly LOHAS, accessible travel schedule for disabled and demented elders of Taipei City2020-05-07
59National Denim Day, which toke April 24, 2019,people wear denim to raise awareness of sexual assault.Taipei City Government and Taipei City Council "Support instead of criticism"2020-05-07
60”Innovate social welfare through Technology’’2019 conference held by Department of Social Welfare, Taipei City Government2020-05-07