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NO.TitlePublish Date
412017 Happy Mothers’ Day Mommy Relax: Ke Wen-Ze, Taipei City’s Mayor talk with the bloggerg Showon2018-10-15
42Taipei's Public Nursery Map Expands Again Ko Wen-je: Add 20 New Spring Gifts2018-10-12
43Taipei Zhongzheng Senior Services and Day Care Center opened on 11 April, 20162018-05-31
44Zhishan public infant daycare center officially opened on April 12, 20172018-05-31
45Wenshan District “Integrated Care Services Project “ opened on May 11, 2017.2018-05-31
46Buying computer isn’t a burden anymore!2018-05-31
47Department of Social Welfare, Taipei City Government starts Taipei NPO Cluster Plan.2018-05-31
48A Project of Building an Accessible Home Environment for People with Disabilities, cooperated by Department of Social Welfare and two foundations, has been Started Up!2018-05-25
49Taipei City officially opens 7 new public infant daycare centers on July 18, 20172018-05-25
50Yang-Ming extension scouting mobilized various special bikes enjoying biking joyfulness with Living Strong Association2017-12-20
51Taipei City Government hosted the Public Housing Policy Forum II2017-12-20
52Department of Social Welfare, Taipei City Government cooperated with the HCT to hold Disaster Massive Supplies Distribution Center2017-12-20
53Celebrations for March 8 this year in response to Universiade Taipei 2017, Taipei city government hold “Woman, move up” series of activities since March 4 to March 31.2017-12-20
54Welcome to The Opening Reception of Taipei Women’s Center2017-12-20
55Taipei Excellent social work professionals commendation2017-11-22
56Using Love-code to do public welfare simple and convenient2017-11-10
57Taipei City Jilin Public Infant DayCare Center Open Ceremony2017-05-01
58Taipei City Dong Yuan Public Infant DayCare Center Open Ceremony2017-05-01
59Our social workers help the vulnerable warm up delicious meals for Lunar New Year’s Eve.2017-05-01
60Inclusive Service and playgrounds were launched in Taipei City2017-05-01