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Department of Social Welfare

Photo Gallery

NO.TitlePublish Date
61Taipei City integration of Community Resources to upgrade elderly activity centers 5.02016-06-30
62~I SEE YOU、YOU HEAR ME~The press conference of Taipei communication services for hearing impairment or speech difficulties:Sign Language Services and Instant typist2016-06-30
63Opening of Taipei City Second public apply privately-operated community daily Minsheng Workshop2016-05-25
64The Department of Social Welfare, Taipei City Government organized a series of activities to celebrate Children’s Day in April 20162016-05-25
65" Around the World Adventure " party2016-05-25
66Taipei City Yongfu Home for the Disabled announced admissions application on March 24,20162016-04-29
67Legislative amendment for Domestic Violence Prevention Act Article 63-1 was made; restraining order can be applied to violent lovers2016-04-29
68“From the standpoint of long-term care for disabilities seminar”, held by Department of Social Welfare, Taipei City Government, Feb 5,20162016-03-25
69Taipei City Government declare a special policy "Friendly Childcare Subsidy" since 20162016-03-17
70Warm Care for Underprivileged People in the Cold Current2016-03-17
71Silver-Haired Senior Services Annual Presentation2016-03-17
72To Assist Low-income Elderly People Living Alone Go Shopping2016-03-17
732016 Taipei New Year's Eve Party :a designated area prepared for people with disabilities2016-01-25
74The award ceremony for enterprise volunteers was held on 4th of December2016-01-25
75Department of Social Welfare, Taipei City Government called on citizens to be foster families2016-01-25
76The Ko mayor awarded "honorary city dog" Medal of disabled bustling Celebration Day2015-12-21
77Children and Juvenile Adoption Film Festival2015-12-21
78The Visually Disabled Needs Forum On Novenber. 142015-12-21
79Since October 2015, Taipei City Public Infant Daycare Center opened2015-11-24
80The Department of Social Welfare, Taipei City Government, held a press conference to sign cooperation agreements in providing disaster relief goods with convenience store chains on September 21, 20152015-10-27