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Department of Social Welfare

Photo Gallery

NO.TitlePublish Date
141"Digital Feast and Dream Come True" News Conference2014-01-29
142Wenshan Parent-child Center and Infant Day Care Center Open on July 292014-01-29
143Wanhua Infant Day Care Center Open on July 112014-01-29
144Commencement ceremony of "turnkey project" of the regenerate public rental housing in D base of An-kang community2014-01-29
145The Campaign-"Beyond Disability ; Let the Dream Fly"2014-01-29
146"The 16th Outstanding Volunteer Citation Award” held on Nov. 23, 2012.2013-01-31
147Friendly Childcare Centers- Opening for "Fun with Parenthood Passport"!2012-02-02
148“Datong – Zhongshan”, “Nangang –Xinyi”, two youth service centers, are set up in Taipei City in 2011!2011-11-01
149“The World of Street People and Sparks between the Genders” Photo Exhibition Opens at the Taipei Women’s Center!2011-11-01
150The guidance activity called “the more you do, the more safety the children get” has been held on May15th ”The Child Safety Day”.2011-08-02
151Caring Mom, Together!2011-06-28
152The children and teens photographic exhibition on seeing the world with 120cm viewpoint2011-06-28
153Friendly Taipei - 111, towards early intervention resource base for benchmarking break 1,0002011-05-31
154“ Various Women”- See the Changes of Taipei Women, the celebration of Women’s Day2011-04-02
155Budget and Key Projects for Year 20112011-03-28
156Here comes the Luck! Mayor Hau Lung-Bin. visited the children in orphanage with lantern “Babe”2011-03-25
157Mayor Hau Lung-Bin and DOSW commissioner Chiang Yi-Wen concerned the temporary bit cold shelter for vagrants on Dec 31 2011.2011-03-25
1582010 Taipei New Year’s Eve Party ~a designated area prepared for people with disabilities2011-03-18
159To celebrate the International Day of Disabled Persons 20102011-03-18