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“Grow Old Gracefully with Taipei” program to create a happy life for the elderly at their own pace

    Taipei Mayor Ko reckons that with the rapid growing number of aging population, the Taipei City Government strives to provide a comprehensive service and support system for the elderly so that they can age at a graceful pace. With dense and convenient transportation networks as an advantage, the Government provides free public transport rides for the elderly to utilize as a way to go around the city, enjoy the beautiful scenery or to visit friends in different communities. Starting from September 1, the Taipei Senior Easycard is made applicable to the use of facilities in community sports centers in 12 districts. With these measures, the elderly is encouraged to create a health plan with their Senior Easycard and decide the pace of our own happiness.

A Press conference for “Grow Old Gracefully with Taipei” program
A Press conference for“Grow Old Gracefully with Taipei”program